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Pretty Pastel 2018 - makeup trend

Valentino SS18 Runway (Harpers Bazaar)

In 2017, we had enough of the Instagram eyebrows, heavy contouring and sultry smoky eyes. Now it’s time to call out a refreshing change: pastel and gloss!

This spring and summer surly will be dominated by pretty pastels, from baby pink, icy blue, powder peach, soft yellow and of course the infamous lilac, there are so many gorgeous pastels to play around with. Isn’t so amazing? All these colours can be a part of your makeup look now. Pastels for spring may not be ground-breaking, they’re akin to floral after all, but beauty pros are calling upon a different texture to make them feel fresh: Gloss. Unlike pop-art style contouring, this is definitely a look you can easily apply at home.

Comparing to the previous harsh contour, slick highlight and thick brows style of makeup that eat up most of your products in a month, this natural radiant pastel trend doesn’t just help you in saving products, it also works equally well on fair to dark complexions.

We don’t just subscribe to any beauty rules, besides the one that protect our skin, and there’s no denying that less is more: lighter, softer colours feel the best. Now we can have a bit of calorific fun, while being ahead of the trend and most importantly, take good care of our skin.

Of course trying new makeup trends can be difficult, some makeup are a lot more difficult to pull off. However, there are always ways for every beauty lover to embrace the annual trend. Here are some of our picks.


Glow and shine

“A healthy glow finish on the skin is in instead of matte caked or powdery finish.” Says Ta. Invest in your skin care by adding some moisturizing mask to your routine. Subtle highlights also help lifting up your complexion, to capture the maximum light. Opt for liquid foundations that melt into skin for a glowing finish.

@TheJoshliu on Twitter/Milk Makeup

Subtle lilac

Ultra violet may have been named Pantone’s colour of the year for 2018, but for our face, we prefer a softer shade, Lilac. While Hollywood makeup artist, Jillian Dempsey, says: “Lilac works perfectly on pale skin tones.”; Sascha Jackson, Stila’s UK lead makeup artist thinks it’s a versatile colour that can be worn by warmer tones too.

Try layering a few purple shades on your lids, but one little reminder, no mascara or eyeliner, as this colour is statement on its own.

@3INA on Instagram @Beasweetbeauty @Maccosmetics

Get your gloss on

Ta says lip-gloss makes your lips glimmer and give your face a youthful radiance. Simple look at Marissa Cooper and Summer Robert, and you know lip-gloss is finally back! Oh have I mentioned gloss isn’t just for the lips? Every beauty brands from Tom Ford to 3ina are getting in on the glossy eyelid action. There’s no denying that the trend is landed here.

Less is more

Let’s say you are a minimalist, you want to keep everything simple and neutral. 2018 is still your year. Even where the palette was modest, it was powerful. This is all about embracing your natural look. Natural and messy look ‘boy brows’, less makeup and more skin. While this helps saving you money, it also helps saving your skin.


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