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MENG - Escape of the Nightingale SS17

A romantic tone embodies the MENG Spring Summer 2017 Escape of the Nightingale collection with delicate yet playful patterns. Unique pieces exuding intimateness and elegant style stand-out against the winter palette of grey, black and white colour-blocks broken up with flashes of blue, purple and pink.

The collection – Escape of the Nightingale describes the story of an Eastern princess, who sings the most powerful and beautiful song in expressing her desire of being independent. She is the strong princess that everyone knew would make it through the worst; the fearless lady who would dare to do anything; and the energetic girl who can dance all night.

Offering a fresh perspective on dressing the traditional ethnic wear in a modern and cosy approach. The line features 18 exquisites’ styles, from the lightest silk kaftan, night-time glamour kimono, enduring robe, flowy cover dress to classic pyjamas set. This collection’s colour palette tells a majestic tale with mystery hues like violet and royal blue against the refreshing mint and bright white mixed with sweet hues like candy pink and soft blue flowers with bird patterns for the romantic touch.

For all modern ladies who wish to live in a fantasyland yet to be independent, these effortless statement pieces in our Nightingale collection will easily transcend through the spring and summer season.

All the 18 styles in this collection and other 14 collections are available online and partially in store all around the world.


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