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MENG - A stylish legacy.

The silky instrument that brings together an artsy journey and a lavish lifestyle.

The bright and colourful world of MENG is a paradise for visual storytellers. Their prints contain motifs from nature, art, culture, fashion, interiors and architecture. Those bold exotic prints are the most instantly noticeable signature for MENG. They may give impression of being mainstream Chinese drawing paints, but in fact they are a unique blend of folkloric and contemporary design inspirations. It immerses authentic traditional oriental prints in cuttings of a modern style.

MENG was founded in 2003. The director of the brand, Meng Zhang has an impressive CV with the experience of having an executive role in Chanel, being the former Head Buyer at Lane Crawford and the Buying Director at the Inditex Group. Being the founder of an international fashion business is not easy for Meng, but she is well equipped with an MBA from London Business School, an MA from London College of Fashion and art studies at Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art.

MENG’s debut collection included a variety of styles in womenswear, accessories and homeware. Loungewear is actually just the start of things for Meng, whose stunning ready-to-wear, beachwear, kimono and kaftans have also received great applauds. What make them really stand out from the other brands in the market are their glamorous silk and colourful prints. These excite all the fashion enthusiasts and Meng dazzled the loungewear industry with a wearable work of art, rather than delivering just another collection under the classic categories of ‘cosy cashmere’ or ‘sexy and lacy’.

Check out their latest – the Escape of the Nightingale - a refreshing collection about a fearless Eastern princess who wishes to be free and lush after her own beauty. Most of Meng’s amazing collections are now stocked in major department stores internationally and are available at Harrods, Selfridges, Fenwick Bond Street, Neiman Marcus, Tsum and Steffl.

Don’t panic if the shops run out of stock, as Meng has also launched an e-boutique shop:


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