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In Conversation With Isabelle - the past life regressor

Isabelle is an MA Fashion Journalism student from Canada, studying at London College of Fashion. As a psychic, she specialises in past life regression and palm reading.

S: What makes you start reading people’s past lives? I think you call it past life regression?

I: Yeah, that’s what it’s called. There are people actually doing that for a living. A lot of hypnotherapists do it as well. In terms of my situation, I wouldn’t call myself a past life regressor. What I do is that I would do psychic readings, and if I get messages, messages that really stand out and have something to do with the past life, I’d say it. So sometimes it comes up, sometimes it doesn’t, or I can’t see it, if that makes sense.

S: How do you get the message? What is it like?

I: The way that it works is when I need to get a psychic reading, I will sit with the person and focus on their energy. Everyone has kind of an energy or aura, right? So then I concentrate, and will start getting messages. I know it sounds crazy but by means of messages, sometimes they are visual so I can actually see the scenes or images; sometimes the messages come as a form of voice, so I can hear that, but this is very rare for me. A lot of the time I just sense the answer, I am not hearing or seeing. You can feel it on the inside and that’s how it works.

S: What do you think about the relationship between the past and the current life?

I: It’s usually that you did something in the past life, or you have some revelation in the past life that brings certain significant impacts to this life. I would only say that out loud if that’s relevant to your current life, though, because if that isn’t relevant, then there’s no point for [you] to know. Let’s say in the last life you were a murderer, you murdered a bunch of people. So, in your current life, there may be a trace of that, maybe you would get angry easily, or tend to be more violent. However, this is rather rare. Most commonly, you would learn a lesson from your past life. So, in the case of a murderer, you’re more likely to become more calm and peaceful in this life. It kind of shows how you evolve as a soul. The concept of soul is very fundamental in explaining the relationship between past lives and current life. I believe everyone has a soul that goes through every life we have had. I’d compare a soul to a rock. While the soul goes through each life, it’s just like a rock being polished multiple times until it ends up becoming a diamond. We do learn a lot from each life but it is not just about learning, it is about finding yourself.

S: As you said the soul will turn into a diamond ultimately, so what’s after? Does it mean that once our soul reaches perfection, we will also reach our final life?

I: No, of course not. Let me first define what I mean by ‘diamond’. It is a state where you’re comfortable with yourself and happy with who you are. But definitely not like an arrogant sense. It’s more like a clam state that you found the inner peace of yourself. You don’t need any material thing to make you happy, in fact you don’t need anything outside of yourself to make you happy. It all comes from the inside. So, once you’ve reached this state, your soul can choose whatever it wants to be, you can not come back to life, if that’s your choice; or you can come back as many time as you want. Life doesn’t just end here.

S: Would you say the psychic ability for past life regression is an inborn talent?

I: Not really. I personally don’t think so, because I don’t think I am more special than anybody else. I think everyone can learn this. Obviously, some people are more prone to and connected to the spiritual world, but for others, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have it in you. It’s also depends on your beliefs: if you don’t believe in it, then generally you won’t be open enough to try out this kind of psychic ability. You can definitely practise it though. To practise it, you can try meditation and be more focused. I am no expert in this but generally I am sure this is something that you can learn. From my perspective, everybody has that ability. It is just like, when you tune into a radio and go on to a certain frequency where you can hear different things, you can hear messages. I believe everyone has the power to tune in; it is just about the timing and chances.

S: When did you start gaining the psychic ability?

I: I think it’s always[been] in me. When I was a child, I would get a lot of messages and it did scare me. Sometimes the message was good. So I remember one time a friend of my mother, called Catherine, was very sick, she had cancer. One day I was playing in my house like usual, and then I looked at the window and I saw her standing near the window with long hair and waving at me. You know when people have cancer they would become bald because of the therapy. So I knew something was wrong and I shouted to my mum like, “Mum! Mum! Mum! Catherine is outside!” But she disappeared as soon as my mum came. Immediately after, my mum got a phone call from the hospital, saying Catherine had died. So I think I was lucky enough to see her saying goodbye to us. I’d say this is one of the positive stories from my psychic experience.

However, I would also see scary things. When I was a small, I was haunted by this ghost that I named ‘Chocodela Facile’. I know this name because he told me, he told me his name, but I didn’t know this was Latin at that time. I was just four years old at that time and didn’t even have a clue what Latin was. I would see him every day. He was either at the far side of the garden or in the basement. So, as a little girl, I would never want to go out to a certain part of the garden and I would never ever want to go down to the basement. Actually, I would call that an ‘it’ rather than a ‘he’. It was like a demon, a creature. It had a circular face that was all yellow, no eyes or nose or those sorts of features, it was about as tall as a dog with four cat feet and had a white blanket wrapped around. So it was like a cylinder-shape creature with four cat feet and it would always run around. I saw this thing every day and I cried to my parents. My dad didn’t believe in ghosts or anything like this, so he insisted that I was just having bad dreams. Fortunately, my mum believed me, because she’s also a psychic: she can sense things as well. Years later, we found out someone had actually hanged himself in the basement, so I think that was his spirit that I saw. And if you look up what the phrase means in Latin, it means, ‘I come and go easily’. So, as a child I was really scared, I thought everyone could see it. I didn’t know that it was something special. Luckily I got rid of that creature at the end.

Although I still see things sometimes, the frequency is a lot lower than when I was small. Usually I see things only when I’m at a haunted place. So in my apartment or at university, I don’t see things because [they’re] not haunted. Actually, as I get older, I don’t usually ‘see’ – it comes to me as a form of message, more than actually seeing. So when I was a kid, I would see ghosts or spirits or whatever, now as an adult I tend to ‘hear’ and get messages.

I do get messages about random people very often, in the tube or on the street, literally anywhere. If I sense something very strong, I will tell the people, but only if I know them, otherwise I would keep it to myself. You know it’d be very weird to go up to a stranger and say personal things about them.

S: I am very interested in your encounter with the spiritual world. Can you tell me more?

I: Yes, sure. A few years ago, I was travelling in St. Lucia in the Caribbean. So my family and I booked a resort and we stayed for a couple of days. I remember one night when I was sleeping; I felt that something was trying to grab my arms, so I opened my eyes. I saw this black hand come out from under the bed and it was trying to grab me, so I started screaming. My mum was in the same room and she was like, ‘Why are you screaming?’ Then I asked her, ‘Did you not see there’s a hand coming out of the bed?’ I could feel it. It even left marks and nail scratches on my hand. Fortunately, nothing happened for the rest of the evening. But that was still very scary for me.

S: Do you have a religion yourself?

I: No I don’t, but my parents are Christian. They didn’t force me to be one of them; I was allowed to choose whatever I want to believe. I would consider myself a spiritual. I do believe in god but not like any Christian god or Muslim god. I believe in the soul and I believe in reincarnation for sure. However, I don’t believe in karma very much. I think whatever you do in this life or in the past life, ultimately god doesn’t judge. I don’t believe in hell as well. We do what we do, and at the end of the day we would still be loved and accepted no matter what. I don’t believe in the idea of god’s punishment. I think the only punishment is from yourself. Let’s say if you’re a murderer and killed so many lives, you will feel bad and guilty at the end. Past life is just an experience, you can learn from it, but learning is not the main point. It is more like, like I said, the lives that you go through define who you are, who you want to be and what you want to be.

S: Will you considering making past life regression a business?

I: No, I wouldn’t, because I don’t like to charge money for this. I don’t want to say [it] is cheap to charge but I feel like there are a lot of psychics out there that are fake, and they will charge you a lot of money. They won’t really give you anything in return. I think, as a psychic, you should be responsible. You can use it to help people but you should never ever charge money for it.

S: Apart from past life regression, can you tell me something about palm reading?

I: Yes: I can also read palms. I became a palm-reading expert at the age of 16. I studied under my grandmother; she taught me, as she’s also a psychic. It’s kind of funny that every woman in my family is a psychic. Something about palm reading is that we read the lines on your hand, so the right palm is your current life and the left is your past life. Fingers also say something about your personality. Everyone is different; there is no identical palm on the earth, and even your left and right are different.

*** All psychic readings and consultations are intended to offer an insight into a person’s personal life and meant for entertainment purpose and reference only. Readings do not, in any way, constitute legal, financial, or professional advice. ***


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