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The 6 most common triggers of ASMR

The triggers of ASMR can be anything. Everyone’s personal triggers will vary slightly and what works for your friends might not work for you. Here running through the list of triggers might help you find new ASMR triggers that you were unaware of, or simply hadn’t considered. Remember, these are just some of the most common one’s and bare in mind that everyone is different, so finding the right trigger is the only way to truly relax and enjoy your time with ASMR video and ASMRtists.

1. Whispering

Whispering is easily the most common trigger available within any ASMR videos. The majority of videos available on YouTube tend to feature whispering in some capacity. The soft tones of male or female voice happen to offer some of the most relaxing tingles available.

2. Scratching and tapping

When someone is tapping or scratching on a hard or rough surface, it tends to bring about a rhythmic trance that helps people relax or meditate while listening. The sound can either be very gentle or a bit grating depending on how hard the person is scratching or tapping on the surface. Some can fall asleep quite easily with scratching and tapping sound happening over and over again.

3. Blowing

Blowing, especially into your ear, beings both the sensation of the feeling of cool air brushing against your skin, and the sound that the other person’s mouth makes as they accomplish this task. Moving from ear to ear helps really bring this trigger to the forefront for the most people.

4. Page turning

As the pages flit together, it offers a really delicate sound. The brushing of the paper, the hardcover back flipping open gently, and the soft noise that it all brings is incredibly relaxing, especially to those who enjoy reading and know the sounds well.

5. Personal attention

Personal attention often features a few triggers combined, much like role-play. Some of us really enjoy personal attention role-plays. The ASMRtists can recreate the personal experiences you have gone through in your life or just give you a psychological boost for having someone that cares about you. The most common types of role-play are girlfriend, doctors, massage therapist, best friends, and even zombie apocalypse survivors.

6. Concentration on a task

You may be surprised that seeing other concentrating on a task at hand can actually be enjoyable. This is the type of video you go into just looking to learn something new and relax, but ultimately end up feeling really good with the tingles experienced.

And many more other stimulus are waiting for you to discover…

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