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5 best multi-sensory restaurants in London

Does seafood taste saltier when accompanied by the sound of the sea? The idea of multi-sensory dining is to focus on treating all sense to an immersive experience that is designed to enhance the flavour of the dish. From flavour to sound to visuals, and even tactile shape of the glass or cutlery, chefs are working to understand how we use our sense to appreciate food and how they can create an environment that improves the dining experience. This is where ultra-fine dining and mad scientist meet, and the results are sensational.

1. Dans Le Noir

Dining in pitch darkness, served by blind waters.

What’s special: Not only do the taste buds go into overdrive, experience of dining in dark helps raising awareness for the daily difficulties faced by visual impairment patients. Food for thought.

X Sight ✓Smell ✓Touch ✓Taste

Postcode: EC1R 0DU


Phone: +44 (0)20 7253 1100

2. The Fat Duck

Three Michelin stars restaurant with tasting menu that plays to all five senses

What’s special: Sound of the Sea - served in a conch shell with a pair of earphone which plays soothing seascape sounds that are said to elevate the diners taste

✓Sight ✓Sound ✓Smell ✓Touch ✓Taste

Postcode:SL6 2AQ


Phone: +44 (0)16 2858 0333

3. Parlor Kensel

Collaborate with psychologist Charles Spence, expert in researching multi-sensory dining

What’s special: Unlike The Fat Duck, the menu of Parlor Kensel is kept under wrap and totally not guessable; the 10 courses also vaguely follow the starter-main-dessert pattern. They use sound as digital seasoning as well.

✓Sight ✓Sound ✓Smell ✓Touch ✓Taste

Postcode: NW10 5LG


Phone: +44 (0)20 8969 2184

4. Kitchen Theory

Offers a very visual molecular dining experience.

What’s special: Apart from serving food, Kitchen Theory also organizes private workshops with Chef Jozef Youssef that takes you through the underlying science and learn to make different molecular cuisines.

✓Sight ✓Smell ✓Touch ✓Taste

Postcode: EN5 4LG


Phone: N/A

5. Purl London

A hidden bar in Marylebone where you’ll be treated to ‘drinks that satisfy on a multi-sensory level’

What’s special: Make sure you use the password “Hair of the dog” to gain access to the bar. Purl’s signature cocktail comes adorned with a big green balloon and a hazelnut infused fog.

✓Sight ✓Smell ✓Taste

Postcode: W1U7HX


Phone: +44 (0)20 7935 0835


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