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3 Surprising facts when your body is on a sugar detox

When it comes to the health, sugar has become the public enemy No. 1 in UK (hello sugar tax)

Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee cited sugar as one of our biggest health concerns.Sugar is simply empty calories that does nothing but gives side effects when there’s too much. It mess up your blood sugar , slows down your metabolism, drives insulin level to soar, and, studies shown they turn into belly fat too.

If you're considering cutting down sugar, here's some inspiration to help you succeed. It's no easy task, but trust me it'll have profound effects on your health.

1.Your skin will look younger

As research shown sugar leads to glycation which gives you signs of aging by making your skin less elastic. The sugar attaches to proteins to from a substance called AGEs which damage collagen and elastin. Sagging and wrinkles starts to occur when these damages happen. Your skin will appear less firm and elastic.

2.You’ll feel more energized

A diet high in added sugar can make you tired and drain away your brain power. Research shown that over consumption of sugar can cause impair cognitive function and reduce proteins that are necessary for memory and responsiveness. “A high intake of sugar is associated with metabolic syndrome, a cluster a condition associated not just with decreased cognitive function, but possibly even with changes to brain structure," Long Gillespie says.

3. You'll cure your sugar addiction

Research shows that lab mouse that consume excess sugar develop symptoms of withdraw and physical addiction. Consuming too much sugar is a sure-fire way to trigger the production of a hormone, ghrelin, that tricks the body of ‘feeling hungry’. Try focus on unprocessed food or unrefined sugar to eliminate a ‘sugar withdrawal symptom’ and you don’t feel like bottomless pit.


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